Parent Council Update

I am delighted that the Parent Forum has so far had a very successful and productive year, with loads of really worthwhile items purchased, great suggestions from many parents and lots of offers of help at the various fundraising events and activities. With all the funds that you raised we are going to, or already have, put the money towards some really fantastic things, these include:

£68 on re-waterproofing Nursery outdoor suits

£74 on Phonetics books

£90 on new reading books

£144 visit from Aigas to Evanton Wood involving whole school

£250 visit from Creeping Toad Summer Stories storyteller

£500 towards purchase of Heinemann Interactive Maths

£500 towards purchase of new Library books

£700 approx towards whole school summer trip

 We also need to fundraise & apply for grants towards buying new Smartboards for every classroom, buy 100 x foldable chairs & chair trolley for shows etc and a folding stage.

 These purchases have only been possible because of all the parents’ support of fundraising activities.

 Our next big event is the Summer Fayre on Saturday 11th June. We want to make this a big, fun day that attracts the whole village and have lots of planned activities including BBQ & games. Instead of bric-a-brac we are going to invite as many craft stalls as possible to the Fayre, so if you know of any businesses who would be interested in displaying their wares on this day, please let me know (£10/table). 

Your continued support is much appreciated and the Parent Forum are there to ensure that the main beneficiaries are, as ever, your children.

 Thank you, Annelie Graham (Chairperson, Kiltearn Primary Parent Council)


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  1. Hi Annelie, Carol Hallam from Nursery here. I have lots of craft contact that I used for our Parent Council Christmas Market at Marybank recently. If you would like to let me have a flyer for the Summer Fayre then I will send this round to all my contacts. Hope that will be useful to you. Kind regards. Carol


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